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A much better use for this page than the proposed Spoon Homepage.


Robert Rist is the intrepid lecturer of PSDA, fearlessly leading a motley crew of first-year students through that deadly maze of classes and constructs that is Eiffel. To show our eternal gratitude for exposing us to the true joy of Eiffel, some of the motliest of the motley crew hacked up an Eiffel Inside logo (being a spoof of the Intel Inside logo, in case you've been living in a cave for the past 3 years) and had it printed on a t-shirt...


These were taken with my shiny, new digital camera, which I'm still trying to get the hang of. Be a good boy and wait patiently while they load.

The shirt


The artiste (right) and trusty sidekick (left :P)

The speech-giver


Dr Rist receiving the shirt

"Terminator size"


Everyone involved with the shirt thing, except for...

Michael-John "The Simple Truth" Anthony, who hid up the back (claim to fame: enlarged, retouched and printed the logo)


The goddess of sweetness, included because she might be the clearest shot I managed to take all day :)

No, the IMG tags don't have height and width. Yes the page probably looks horrible in low resolutions. So sue me. I'm lazy.