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Hello. This is a small collection of writing and a few bits and pieces of software that represent my contributions to the world wide web. Feel free to have a browse around, and if you feel so moved, to send comments by email.

writing on law:

apology, tort, levinas: a short piece on whether apologies should be protected in the context of tort law, from the perspective of the Lithuanian-French philosopher and Talmudic commentator Emmanuel Levinas.

foia costs: this was going to be a submission to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on reforms to freedom of information pricing structures. I ended up holding it until I could get some feedback from more experienced administrative law nerds, by which time the deadline had passed.

icann and bad faith: criticism of the Nuclear Marshmallows doctrine of what "and" means in the UDRP. Written in eight hours as part of an open book exam, after which it was marked by the originator of the Nuclear Marshmallows doctrine. Yikes!

isolated natural substances: worthy of patent protection? How does Kirin Amgen v Hoechst fit into all this?

lcc v trowell: professional discipline and the Corby Affair. [2009] WASAT 42.

nsw bar association v sahade: ethical blindness and a lucky escape. [2004] NSWADT 151 et. al.

writing on the japanese language:

apple ii story: a translation of Mitsuru Sugaya's account of the founding of a computer empire. Originally printed in CoroCoro Comics, 1984.

the proposal: a translation of an attack ad run by the (then ruling) LDP in the 2009 Japanese elections.

my back pages: a translation of the Magakoro Brothers' translation of Bob Dylan's masterpiece.

examples.utf: example Japanese sentence pairs, for non-English languages.

writing on other things:

world of warcraft arbitrage: I no longer play WoW, but there used to be an odd little quirk in the economy regarding the inelastic vendor market.

thoughts on an ex-girlfriend.

debugging the cree ultrafire cr3: fixing a cheap, but baulky flashlight.

the guardian 100 greatest non-fiction books: my attempt to slowly read them all.

clerihews: for some figures on the popular culture.

instruments: that I built at home.

buying the clash: I believe that The Clash are one of the most significant bands to emerge in the 20th century. buying their catalogue poses a problem though, because of the profusion of collections - this page shows you how to get the most bang for your buck, buying on the Australian music site, "BigPond Music".

my notes on 'infinite jest'.


rasterbator (stencils): a version of the popular rasterbator, but designed to only use circles of certain sizes. This is useful if you intend to apply a set of holepunches, followed by spraypaint.

spectra scarves: this page generates knitting or beading patterns designed to mimic the emission spectra of the elements.

applebot: lets you play a game which is like "Apples to Apples" on IRC.

kanji lookup: look up kanji using SKIP codes. Realtime updates via AJAX.

fortune-mod-smac: a fortune cookie file for fortune-mod, using ripped quotes from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire.

rezTunes: allows you to drive a PWM USB vibrator from iTunes. Maintained by Kyle Machulis.

shadowfist plugin: for the lackey cardtable engine. Thanks to Eric Lui, Stefan Vincent, Jammer Jun, Pete Bratach as well as the administrators of and Shadowfist Games for making this possible.

over the edge plugin: for the lackey cardtable engine. Huge thanks to John Summerlot for coming through with an almost complete archive of images.

I am the author of the Context Examples plugin for Anki. You can find it in the plugin menu for that program.

youtube shuffle: when a youtube video ends, it loads another one chosen at random from the "related videos" sidebar. append "&opcyts=true" to the youtube url to kick it off, I couldn't be bothered making it configurable. only tested in firefox, uses some abominably unsafe javascript.

veen cipher #1: javascript implementation of the simple cryptosystem described by Vladimir Nabokov in section 26 of Ada or Ardor.

dynamic Bb buddha: an update of the Tikirobot Bb Buddha Machine that allows it to dynamically load videos from youtube.

ukulele scale fingerings: does what it says.

chordtoy: generates hackneyed chord progressions across the major scales.

uppercut: a python-fu plugin for gimp that clears the selection from the current layer, and all the layers above it. intended for animators.

hcc: a clock counting down to the constitutionally mandated retirements of the current Australian High Court.

retro: a cracktro style demo scroller for android phones, exhibited at the moon lairs art show. includes source and the b-side, a phone portable slitscan photography toy.

the artomatic "trilogy":

artomatic 1: you are sitting in a room: a python script to recreate / steal Alvin Lucier's process music composition "I am sitting in a room." You'll want a reasonably good microphone (I use a Blue Snowball set to Omni) and the pyaudio bindings. example.

artomatic 2: autoreich: a python script for simulating two tape recordings falling out of phase with one another. Inspired by / stolen from the early works of Steve Reich. example.

artomatic 3: clicking music: a javascript trainer for performing Steve Reich's Clapping Music.

twitter bots that I done programmed.


I play a variety of musical instruments, although these days I mainly stick to the ukulele. I like them because they are cheap, versatile and highly portable. You can listen to me playing some songs here or on youtube.

Chords for playing along to songs with:

elsewhere on the internet / about:

I log my running and cycling at runkeeper. I have previously had good experiences with Nike+ and Suunto's Movescount. I have some videos on youtube, and I am on steam. Some trivia about me.

some friends: wzdd - liedra - richie - laura - mali - lisa.