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The 2012 Programming Competition, sponsored by Google, will see entrants race the clock to solve a small number of problems over four hours. The problems will range from simple problems, to more challenging problems. A free pizza lunch will be provided on the day!

The free competition is open to all UTS students (from any faculty) and Progsoc members. We encourage both beginners and more experienced programmers to compete. Entrants may enter as individuals, or as teams of two or three. Prizes will be awarded to the best individuals and teams.



The competition will be held on:

11 August 2012 at 10.30am - 3:30pm EST

The room location is:

Level 3, Building 10, City Campus

Competition programming languages:

  • Java
  • C
  • C++

Marking of answers:

Only the output of your code will be assessed for correctness. However, the judges will be looking at all submitted code to ensure ...


Individuals and teams can register their interest at [link].

Information Session

We will be hosting an information session to provide more information about the competition. We will also be going through examples of problems.

Details TBA.

Who Can Enter

  • Current UTS students
    • Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible
    • Students from ALL faculties are welcome
  • Progsoc members


Prizes for the winning individuals and teams include:


  1. Entrants will have a total of 3 hours to solve as many problems as possible.
  2. Entrants are free to leave the room at any time for breaks.
  3. The time will not be paused for lunch breaks.
  4. Printed reference materials may be taken into the room.

Example Problems

Easy Problem

Write a program that adds all the natural numbers (i.e. positive integers) below one thousand that are multiples of 3 or 5.

Possible solutions

Difficult Problem

[need a problem here]

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