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This is a template for displaying Machine Overview. When you include it this template it will include the Overview section on a page. Instructions for use can be found at the bottom of the page.


FQDN {{{fqdn}}} {{{image}}}
IPv4 {{{ip4}}}
Make & Model {{{make}}}
Enclosure {{{enclosure}}}
CPUs {{{cpu}}}
RAM {{{ram}}}
Disks {{{disks}}}
Net Interface {{{net_interface}}}
OS {{{os}}}
Desktop Access {{{desktop_access}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Value (purchase) {{{value_purchase}}}
Value (today) {{{value_today}}}
Godfather {{{godfather}}}
User Access {{{user_access}}}
Misc {{{Misc}}}

Instructions for use

To made use of this template copy the following code to the page.

  • Insert vales for things after equals sign
  • the image value should be wiki image tag, eg [[Image:orgo.jpg|150px|]]
    or just enter No image.
{{Machine Overview|
|image = 
|fqdn = 
|ip4 = 
|make = 
|enclosure = 
|cpu =
|ram =
|disks = 
|net_interface = 
|os = 
|desktop_access =
|age = 
|value_purchase = 
|value_today = 
|godfather = 
|user_access =
|misc = 
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