Talks/20th October 2011: Internet Security and You

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Guest Speaker: Daniel Comarmond (former Systems Engineer at Websense, and Cisco Systems])

If you use the web and e-mail, but are not technical... we've designed this session for you!

Will opening that e-mail potentially expose you to identity theft? Why does Facebook keep asking you to review my account privacy settings? Will clicking on that Google result put you on the wrong side of your work internet usage policy - and perhaps your HR department? And why has your search engine mysteriously changed from Google to Now you've received a pop-up window saying your computer has a virus and needs to download a malware scanner... what does this all mean?!?

Every week we hear of credit card or identity details being stolen, or a company's security defences getting compromised. The best way to protect yourself at home or at work isn't necessarily the brand of anti-virus you use on your computer, nor how many times you update your web browser... it's down to your choices as to how you interact with the internet.

From reducing the risks associated with your online credit card transactions at home to being a risk-aware user of the network at your office - this seminar is about taking the geek-speak out so you can make more informed choices and enjoy the internet more.

This session is free, open to anyone to attend, and is designed ESPECIALLY for you if you are NON-TECHNICAL (we will be discouraging any techies from asking questions full of jargon!)


Thursday, 20th October 2011
6:30pm - ~8:00pm
Aerial Function Centre, Level 7, 235 Jones Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007
(Building 10, University of Technology, Sydney)
FREE, RSVP required.


RSVP via email to

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