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Every year we are supposed to lock accounts. (It's the only reliable way to get annual membership money ... though we do have a lot of honest members).

We can start locking them about a month after we announce new-year memberships are available (ie, after we stop selling old-year memberships).

Generally, this happens during the entire month of March:

  • O-Day marks the beginning of renewals. (Everybody asks this. So stop asking beforehand, please).
  • AGM marks the due-date for renewals. This means we can start locking accounts.
  • However you will want to give a 2-week warning for this sort of thing.
  • Don't forget to unlock accounts if they actually pay for them.

insert link here for renewal announcement template

insert link here for locking announcement template


  • CK was taking membership details on his laptop on O-Day 2005, but unfortunately this crashed, and the ONLY file that disappeared was the Excel spreadsheet that contained this  :-(
  • There are a list of names on the receipt book that can be recovered.
  • There is also a list of names on the internet banking receipts that can be recovered.

Action Items

  • Myles to recover list of receipt book names
  • CK to recover list of internet banking names
  • NdV to map these to account names
  • NdV to delegate if desired
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