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Project Details

Long-Range Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Internet

  • Overall Status: Purchasing Antennas (September 2006)
  • Proposed on: October 2004 (CK's graduation)
  • Started on: The next day, pretty much


  • Three Senao 802.11b basestations
    • 21dBm transmit strength
    • Very excellent -91dB sensitivity
  • Three 8-slot waveguides from Borg NZ
  • Tower (level 17)
  • Rainproofed box for tower equipment
    • Switched hub connecting basestations
    • Power-over-Ethernet to basestations
    • 240V supplied
    • Blinkenlights for IP traffic?
      • R/G/B for 3 basestations?
      • OLED
  • Ethernet link from switched hub to lab
    • 2 segments joined by a repeater / hub / switch


  • Waveguides to be positioned between 0º and 1º elevation downward from horizon
    • This is to achieve maximum strength (see footprint) at 40km (trigonometrics), our estimated maximum link
  • Waveguide compass orientations
    • 000.0º N (apogee of major obstruction)
    • 135.0º SE
    • 247.5º WSW
  • Basestation authentication to be decided.
    • Anonymity concerns?
    • Gathering usage stats?
    • Free use is necessary
    • Free use/logins is desirable
  • Development of cheap client access hardware


  • [DONE] First stage ethernet installed.
  • [DONE] 240V supply installed.
  • [DONE] Basestations purchased.
  • Antennae require purchasing.
  • Blinkenlights require purchasing.
  • In-lab configuration of basestations is highly recommended
  • [PRELIM TEST DONE] Short-range testing of point-to-point connectivity is highly recommended
  • Further cable & wiring

Possibility: Acquire antennas from NZ

  • Rang and normally cost around $30 for shipping in quantities of 40 (therefore, for quantities of 3, much higher).
  • He will get back to us and provide new pricing, and CK to email him 14th of September. Update 24-Nov -- no response from NZ.
  • DE is now pursuing a new, Sydney-based line of supply for equivalent product.

Antennae Require Purchasing

  • DE will put us in contact with Sydney Wireless dude. Let's get him in first week of October.
  • [IN CHARGE]: CK will contact Dave, then contact said dude.

In-lab Configuration

  • Let's get some IP ranges & ideas when the dude (above) comes around.
  • Then we'll spend a couple of Thursdays getting them configured.
  • [IN CHARGE]: who wants this?

Short-Range Testing

  • NdV has successfully tested Senao-to-Senao (using one of ours), with cantennas, over 100 metres
  • We need to replicate this experiment on the roof
  • [IN CHARGE]: who wants this? Nathan?

Misc Tasks

  • Blinkenlights: who wants this? Butters? We need some of those OLED lights. Red & green & blue sets would be kewl.
  • Further cable/wiring: who wants this?

Notes (to be depricated, coz we won't use this guy now)

  • Name of New Zealand antennae supplier is Andrew Hooper.
  • Insist on 8-slot waveguides, not sector panels etc.
  • Export from NZ has been confirmed as viable by Andrew Hooper.
  • Email at Andrew Hooper <andrew at>
  • Phone at 0011 64 21 212 9200.
  • NB: Ask Westpac if they can cheaply send payments to Westpac NZ bank accounts.
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