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Just a place to keep track of all the network breakages we're aware of.

Editing This Page

Members are encouraged to report problems in the New Issues section; reported issues will be moved to the To-Do list as appropriate by the sysadmin(s). This is mainly so that we don't end up with a messy to-do list full of duplicate issues if, say, a small crowd of new members find they can't figure out how to work Pine, etc.

New Issues

  • Replace "Password" with "Advantage Card"
    • Modify /phatdisk/httpd/html/register/register.php (lines 66-70, 114, 123) to refer to "advantagecard" instead of "password"
    • Add a new column called "advantagecard VARCHAR(20)" to the "people" table inside the "liedra" database.
    • Perform similar task to add "Advantage Card expiry" field to form and database
  • Minutes Organisation
    • Merge the /phatdisk/httpd/html/minutes and /phatdisk/httpd/html/affairs/minutes directories, and update the includes in each to point to the right location,
    • OR, enter all from the above into the wiki and remove both directories.

The List


Priority (from highest to lowest): VH - H - M - L - VL


  • (M) Progsoc mailing list archives are missing and don't appear to be updating.
  • (H) Setup phobos to take over from orgo.
  • Web
    • (M) Update 404 (and possibly other error pages) to point to the wiki, instead of the old site.
  • ProgSoc Wiki
    • (L) Admin Groups
  • (H) Automated failover
  • (L) Setup training gear (Cisco)
  • (L) Configure Trogdor


  • (L) Modify regd to auto-add new members to the DB
  • (L) Modify & regd to accept all DB fields
  • (L) Web Interface to manage DB entries
  • (L) Add missing accounts
  • (L) Lock unpaid accounts
  • (L) Add order-by-expire to web interface


Completed Items

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