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ProgSoc is a vibrant, active society with ongoing activities. News items that are current can be found in this area (often with announcements and updates to the Website), as can the minutes of meetings going back several years.

The ProgSoc mailing lists are vast and entertaining, with the usual technical discussion that is occasionally peppered with discussions about philosophy and current affairs.


Latest News


UTS Programming Competition




Lots of stuff the previous Executives couldn't be bothered writing about.

6 June 2006

Site has been fully wikified.

Late March 2006

AGM Election Results for 2006

Sometime in 2005

[Jeff K.] was awarded ProgSoc member of the Year at the 2005 UTS Union Clubs and Societies Dinner


3 April 2004

Progsoc is going to be entering the ACM Programming Competition, with entry paid for by UTS. Read the official [announcement] then get your registrations in!

12 September 2003

There are updates to the Projects page and a new talk to add to the hopefully regularly updated talks page! These talks are given at our fortnightly meetings, if you think you have something interesting to talk about, please email the progsoc exec.

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