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The Config Files

The config:


 /default        type:=nfsl;opts:=nfsv3,nosuid,intr,rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,sync;
 #httpd           type:=nfsl;fs:=/phatdisk/httpd;rhost:=orgo;rfs:=${fs}
 #www             type:=nfsl;fs:=/phatdisk/httpd;rhost:=orgo;rfs:=${fs}
 #projects        type:=nfsl;fs:=/phatdisk/projects;rhost:=orgo;rfs:=${fs}
 #*               type:=nfsl;fs:=/phatdisk/home;rhost:=orgo;rfs:=${fs};sublink:=${key}
 # the above should work but it doesn't, this does though
 httpd           -rhost:=orgo;rfs:=/phatdisk/httpd; \
                 host!=${rhost};type:=nfs \
 www             -rhost:=orgo;rfs:=/phatdisk/httpd; \
                 host!=${rhost};type:=nfs \
 projects        -rhost:=orgo;rfs:=/phatdisk/projects; \
                 host!=${rhost};type:=nfs \

 *               -rhost:=orgo;rfs:=/phatdisk/home;sublink:=${key} \
                 host!=${rhost};type:=nfs \


 # Where to mount the filesystems
 auto_dir = /amd
 # Where to log to...
 log_file = syslog
 # What to log ?
 log_options = all,noinfo,nostats,nomap
 # At startup, do we "restart" existing mounts if we determine they could
 # have been automounted ?
 restart_mounts = yes
 # Do we want to be able to use selectors on the /defaults map entry ?
 selectors_in_defaults = yes
 # Do we attempt to unmount all automounted file systems on exit ?
 unmount_on_exit = yes
 # Override vendor ?
 vendor = Debian
   map_name = /etc/am-utils/progsoc.home

Setting it Up

 mkdir /amd /net /phatdisk/home -p
 ln -s /net/orgo/phatdisk/httpd /phatdisk/httpd       # Not actually correct, but this
 ln -s /net/orgo/phatdisk/projects /phatdisk/projects # is the best we could come up with
 # If you need mail
 ln -s /net/orgo/phatdisk/mail /var/mail
 ln -s /net/orgo/phatdisk/mail /var/spool/mail

Automount/am-utils mounts directories as they're needed, so /net/ is going to stay empty until something tries to directly access /net/orgo/*

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