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FQDN Geryon.jpg
Make & Model DEC Multia (Alpha model)
Enclosure Overheatable pizza box (industrial fan renovations courtesy Telford)
CPUs DEC Alpha 21066 166MHz RISC (do not touch)
RAM 64MB true parity(!!)
Disks  ??? 1GB SCSI ???
Net Interface 10Base-2 (10Base-T and 10Base-AUI disabled)
OS AlphaLinux 2.2.13 (Debian)
Desktop Access No
Age Manufactured: 1996 Sold: 1999
Value (purchase) $0 for the computer, $60 for air courier from USA, $300 for RAM
Value (today) $360
Godfather Christian and Telford
User Access Yes
Misc “I can install Debian for Alpha in 15 minutes!”– Anand

Current Services

  • User accounts
  • ssh/scp
  • private ftp
  • cvs
  • console access to trogdor

Planned Services


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