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Make & Model HP LaserJet 6L
Enclosure Beige non-rack-mountable
RAM 1mb
OS All and sundry, but YMMV
Desktop Access Yes
Age January 1998
Value (purchase) $699 -- Donated November 2010
Value (today) Check eBay or local Salvos
User Access Yes
Godfather tomchristmas
Namesake The protagonist from Robin Klein's "Berk the Berserker", a picture book for children. Berk is a reluctant Viking warrior who prefers eating griddle cakes to pillaging villages. Also a not-so-subtle jab at ProgSoc's Viking-themed machine nomenclature.
Misc Parallel-port (LPT) output with parport-USB converter attached. Just connect to any available desktop machine via USB and print. Only feed one sheet at a time into the paper input bin due to faulty traction feed. Purported 6 A4 pages per minute, although in practice it's more like 4 (which was lightning fast in 1998). Purported 600 dpi resolution.

Current services

In-room greyscale laser printing.

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